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Our Services

Experience the blend of creativity and sustainability with Cobble and Twine's landscape services. From garden renovation and landscape design to hardscaping and water features, we shape your outdoor spaces into functional and aesthetic masterpieces. Enhance your property's value with Cobble and Twine—your partner in creating captivating outdoor retreats.

Vintage Bucket and Reused Birdhouse_edit

Repurpose & Reuse

Experience sustainable landscaping with Cobble and Twine's 'Repurpose and Reuse' services. We creatively reimagine existing materials and spaces, reducing waste while creating beautifully transformed landscapes. Our approach not only adds unique charm to your property but also upholds our commitment to environmental responsibility. Choose Cobble and Twine, where innovation meets sustainability in landscape design.

Garden Pond

Water Ways & Landscapes

We specialize in the design of exquisite water elements, from serene ponds to dynamic fountains, integrating them seamlessly into your landscape. These features not only create soothing auditory and visual experiences, but also enhance the biodiversity and aesthetic appeal of your garden. Entrust your aquatic landscape dreams to Cobble and Twine and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of elegantly crafted water features.

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